Having an unbiased, third party evaluate your business is probably the single most important decision you can make. When you are too close to the canvas, you miss important details that could be crucial to your business growth. If you have a targets and objectives, do you know how to get there? Are you stalled by next steps, financing needs, sales & marketing, operations, management disconnect or staffing constraints? We perform a full corporate evaluation to help you determine what is needed to grow, obtain financing or investment offers and where you can save time and money.


When tackling a problem, you first need to identify the issues and be clear on what the problem is, recognize all parties involved and explore all the possible solutions which will yield the best results; with the least amount of negative impact. After making the decision and getting partner or staff buyin, the action is then taken to make the necessary changes. This sounds straight forward, but in our experience, it isn’t always easy to implement while a company is in operation. Partnership dynamics and unconventional management styles can make it more difficult to stand back and tackle the problem quickly and efficiently. Formiga Capital was created to be that 3rd party who can be the catalyst for change and improvement, without affecting internal relationships, operations or cashflow. Whether you need support with a capital request aimed at bankers, private investors or partners, or you need to streamline your current operations, we WILL provide results. We are fixers and problem solvers. We see things from a high level and we provide solutions to complex issues.


Capital requirements of a company are never easy to determine; neither is navigating through all the financing options that may be available to you. We have decades of finance experience. We know what lenders and investors are interested in funding. We have coached and prepared hundreds of clients for the financing application process. We write the package together with you, so that you are 100% prepared to sit with our funding group.


If funding assistance is one of your needs, we evaluate the entire company, its principals and the feasibility of the funding request. Once all parameters have been approved and Formiga has determined that all funding criteria has been met, we assist in presenting your company and finance request to our network of private equity groups, lenders and investors. We do not use the shotgun approach or guess work, to establish which company will be the right fit - it is predetermined. Once your package has been presented to these groups, the probability of a successful funding is much higher. We ensure that all avenues have been explored and all options presented to you, so that the decision is yours to make. Our success lies in how we work with our sources and how we package our companies to them. We know what they want to see, how they want to see it and what they are interested in funding.