Formiga MEANS:

FORMIGA (in Portuguese β€œant”) pronounced [formeega]

The ant is a eusocial insect, known for its ability to lift 1000 times its weight and operate as part of a unified entity to support the needs of the colony. Ant societies have division of labour, communication between individuals, and an ability to solve complex problems. We felt this was a fitting model of how we work closely with our partners and clients.


In economics, capital consists of anything that can enhance a person's power to perform economically useful work and/or generate wealth through investment.


What do we do?

Formiga Capital is a boutique business advisory, turnaround management and finance firm. We focus on commercial and corporate finance and provide support to companies looking for acquisition opportunities, real estate investment, or to expand or restructure their organization. We work primarily with small and medium sized companies. Formiga is dedicated to collaborating with business owners, private equity groups, investment banks and large institutional funding sources. Through our services - we match economically viable businesses with other professional services and funding sources directly.