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Anthony De Almeida

Anthony has built several successful companies, acquired tens of millions of dollars of real estate and financed over two billion dollars of real estate in his career. He has also advised many small, medium and Fortune 1000 companies on operations, project management and strategy. Since 2000, he has consulted to international boards, resulting in affiliate partnerships and multi million dollar transactions. Anthony has also worked with foreign governments on real estate planning and infrastructure. He is passionate about real estate, business advisory for growing companies, and turning around distressed situations and projects.

Anthony excels in real estate, project management, finance, operations and business strategy.

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Monjie Llorente

Monjie is a seasoned operator in private companies undergoing internal challenges or impacted by external market changes.  He has founded a software and has acquired companies in Silicon Valley, California. He has raised capital for acquisitions, venture capital and private equity.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, he works mostly internationally and is accustomed to long distance travel to accomplish a mission.  Monjie has four successful children ages 13 to 31, despite Monjie's mistakes as a parent.  In his leisure, he trains dogs for competition, runs, reads and ironically still likes to travel extensively.