Our expertise comes from working closely with corporate clients, assessing their business finance needs and presenting them with debt and equity options to support the growth of their business. Our team is comprised of commercial and corporate finance professionals who concentrate on funding loans from $500,000 to $10,000,000.

We assist our clients with the tedious task of preparing their company for presentation to our funding group. Part of our services include building the application, packaging all documents, summarizing the request and discussing all finance options with our funders.


There are numerous options for a company seeking acquisition financing. A line of credit or a traditional loan are the most common choices. Favorable rates for acquisition financing help smaller companies reach scalability. Acquisition financing can be an effective method for growing a company's operations.

Such loans are available from Formiga Capital. Some of our funders may offer acquisition financing to those who do not meet the requirements of a typical bank. Generally, these terms are more expensive when using alternative sources. Banks generally approve financing when the company to be acquired has a steady revenue stream, sustained profits, as well as valuable assets. We assist in packaging the request, so that it receives the most favorable, cost effective outcome.


Financing is available for those, usually management, seeking to purchase the controlling shares of a company, using external sources of capital. The financing is primarily based on, and utilizes, the assets and the company’s cashflow. Typical financing is in the combination of equity and debt. Our private funding group offers numerous options, depending on the needs of the borrower and company to be acquired. We have assisted many companies in the navigation of the transaction, the preparation of the package for financing, as well as the presentation to funders for approval and funding.

Our sources are both institutional and private lenders, when sourcing capital for leveraged buyout transactions.


Our process is dedicated to renewing your corporate vision, mission and mandate. We analyze and plan, directly alongside the corporations’ management team, with the primary goal of protecting them from further pitfalls and returning them to profitability. While doing this, we are identifying the reasons for failing performance in the their market, and assisting them in avoiding repeated patterns in the future.  

Many businesses assume that in order for a true turnaround to occur, they need to halt operations or make immediate and drastic changes midstream. This is often not the case. When we work with our clients; our goal is to make the adoption of preferred practices, new management styles and fiscal responsibility; both easy to accept and quick to implement, while not disrupting the normal operation of their business.